The YMCA is a movement that improves personal and community wellbeing across South Australia, Australia, and the world. In fact, for more than 175 years the YMCA has been facilitating positive changes across the globe, with some 65 million people participating in the YMCA across 120 countries. And yet, for all its international reach and impact, it is intimately local in nature, wrapping itself around the contemporary needs and unique context of each community it serves.

Founded in 1850 (one of the first YMCA's in the world), today YMCA South Australia is known for managing some of the state's best recreation centres, OSHC's, pools, stadium courts, and gymnastics centres. Between our recreation services - and youth, allied health and children's programs - there are more than 2 million visits to a YMCA in South Australia annually.

As a genuinely purpose-driven organisation we always have the community's best interest at heart.

Through innovation and operational excellence, we aim to deliver compelling impact and value for both our government and school partners, along with the communities we serve. That is, our intent is for Every South Australian community to favour having the YMCA as an integrated part of their future.

To achieve this strategic intent we will . . .

Be Mission Driven

Stand boldly for a higher-order purpose aligned to our communities, leveraging the YMCA's unique advantages and DNA to differentiate, innovate and build deeper relationships

Deliver High-Impact Services

Enhance and extend our programs to serve the whole person (body, mind, spirit) across the whole community in a way which focuses on both social impact and financial sustainability

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Build The 'Y Factor'

Actively develop our people and culture that makes the YMCA experience a unique enabler of positive change in people's lives

Increase our Capacity & Capability

Continuously improve our systems and capabilities, building an operating model which efficiently and effectively delivers on our promise.

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