From our earliest days, the YMCA in South Australia has been led by committed people who passionately believe that creating opportunities for young people to learn, grow and contribute is central to creating a strong and harmonious society.

Guided by this belief, and sustained by an army of dedicated volunteers and staff, the YMCA in South Australia has profoundly impacted the lives of countless young people and their families over the past 170 years.

Today, with more than 900 staff (and growing) working in 50 locations across South Australia, our recreation, youth and family services engage hundreds of thousands of children and adults each year.

In establishing the Future Generation Fund, we are following in the footsteps of our founders in ensuring we have the resources to meet the needs of, and to provide growth opportunities for, the young people coming through.

It's our commitment to future generations and our confidence in their capacity to contribute to a better world.

There is no more powerful investment we can make than in the lives of young people. It is an investment in the world as it can be - a place of hope, love, peace and opportunity. It is a statement of our belief in the potential of inspired youth.

David Paterson — CEO, YMCA South Australia

We invite you to consider investing in the next generation of young people and their families through provision in your Will or a tax deductible donation to YMCA South Australia via the below form.

For more information please contact the Chief Executive of YMCA South Australia, David Paterson.

One Time Donation to YMCA South Australia