Join the Y and gain access to some of the best pools, gyms, courts and fitness programming across our network of YMCA's in SA.

Your All Access YMCA membership now gives you access to all YMCA South Australia managed sites. Reciprocal access opens up 200+ weekly group fitness classes, pools, and stadium courts around the state. Reciprocal rights allows All Access members to use YMCA managed facilities while traveling as well as an opportunity to complement their existing centre experience with something new.

How to use

  • The first time you visit a participating reciprocal rights site you will be required to show ID and your membership card and we'll create a quick visitor account (2 minutes)
  • Future visits require you to check-in with a Customer Service Officer to scan and verify your membership through the reciprocal rights database.

Need to know

  • While visiting another site, you have the same access privileges as you would if you purchased an All Access casual admission:
    • Includes gym access, group fitness, pool, stadium courts, etc.
    • Excludes member benefits such as KidsClub, 24.7 access, Free Child Memberships, online group fitness bookings, etc
  • The majority of your visits must be at your 'home' location
Full Terms & Conditions
  • Only All Access (which includes Foundation, Mates Rates and Concession) Members have access to reciprocal rights. Active Adult members who would like reciprocal rights access may upgrade their membership to an All Access Membership at any time by talking with Customer Service at their home location.
  • The majority (over 50%) of your visits/attendances must be at your home location over any 4 week period. If you are using another site for the majority of your visits we will arrange for the transfer of your membership to the appropriate site, including transferring your membership to the closest comparable membership currently available for sale at that site (this may result in an increase in membership fees). We reserve the right to cancel your membership if you do not wish to transfer your membership.
  • While visiting a site other than your home location, you are granted the same access rights as a casual admission. While visiting, you do not have access to site-specific member benefits such as Playclub/Childminding, 24.7 Access, U10 Free memberships, online group fitness bookings, and any other offer deemed site-specific.

Participating Locations