At YMCA South Australia, we believe in the power of inspired young people. Our Youth Empowerment programs create opportunities for young people to develop and participate in our vision of building happy, healthy and connected communities.

Inspiring young people

To unleash the power and the potential in inspired young people, we offer a wide range of youth programs and activities which focus on physical and mental wellbeing, life skills, advocacy and building resilience.

We care about young people and helping them lead active and fulfilled roles within our community. We believe that young people are unique and diverse, and we seek to support and empower them.

To us, an empowered young person feels in control of their life. They are confident in their ability to contribute to the world around them. They overcome challenges and realise their potential.

We want to see young people empowered across the world. And we are fortunate enough to work alongside a global movement of YMCA's to help provide opportunities for more young people to grow in confidence, resilience and be inspired to create social change.

Youth Empowerment programs provide:

  • Supportive, positive environments for young people to develop.
  • Places where their voices are heard and treated respectfully.
  • Opportunities to develop their capacities, specific skills and discover what’s possible.
  • Positive role models.

Youth Empowerment support young people by:

  • Promoting a positive image of young people and their engagement with the community and social change
  • Advocating for, and with, young people on issues affecting them
  • Modelling best practice with respect to “youth voice”
  • Supporting young people to reach their potential, lead change, and be entrepreneurial.
  • Promoting and facilitating volunteering by young people
  • Promoting the physical well-being of young people

We are there for every young person in the community, supporting them through difficult times with a range of services and programs. We work hard to empower vulnerable young people and give them the skills and confidence to lead positive and independent lives.