At the YMCA we are dedicated to helping people live healthier, happier lives through physical activity. That's why we have introduced an industry first for our members - FREE CHILD MEMBERSHIPS.

The concept is simple. The YMCA wants to raise a healthier generation and encourage families to be active together. To do this, the YMCA is providing our 5,000+ All Access members across the state with FREE memberships for their children under the age of 10.

The YMCA manages some of South Australia's premier pools and recreation centres. Enabling more children to utilise these community facilities and encouraging families to spend more time together doing something healthy simply makes sense. Our facilities offer a place to learn lifelong healthy habits, whether it be swimming, shooting hoops, developing eye-hand coordination in badminton or squash, or simply providing a safe space to run and play during cold or wet days.

The details and getting started

The FREE Child Membership 'benefit' will be offered to existing and new All Access members (including those on concession, mates rates or foundation discounts). The child must be under the age of 10 and reside with the eligible member. FREE Child Membership provides the equivalent access privileges and inclusions as allowed by a child casual admission to the pool or stadium. Children under 10 must be actively supervised at all times while in the centre and do not have access to amenities which are not age-appropriate such as the gym, group fitness rooms, spa/sauna, etc. The amenities/activities available to FREE Child Members vary by site; BYO stadium sports equipment.

Full Eligibility Requirements and Terms


  • Restricted to All Access Members (including concession, mates rates and foundation members) which are on direct debit membership agreements. Member must be financial with no outstanding balance.
  • Children must be under 10 years of age and reside within the same household and be related by blood, marriage, common-law or legal guardianship to that of the member (Proof required, i.e. Medicare Card, Birth Certificate).
  • Registration for FREE Child Memberships must be completed online at the Centre’s website. FREE Child Memberships are not approved and granted until a Facility Access Card has been issued.

Terms & Conditions

  • Children under 10 must be accompanied and actively supervised by an Adult (16Y+) at all times in the centre. Aligned with Watch Around Water policies, children under 5 must be within arms reach of an adult at all times while in the pool.
  • FREE Child Membership entitles the child under 10 to access all facility amenities that are available via casual admission including, but not limited to, aquatic facilities (including slides and inflatables) as well as stadium courts (when available for public/member use) for court sports such as basketball, soccer, netball, badminton etc. Please bring your own equipment for stadium sports (ie. rackets, balls and birdies).
  • FREE Children membership can be cancelled upon request or, will automatically expire on the child's 10th birthday or upon the cancellation/expiry of the All Access membership it is linked to, whichever comes first.
  • By registering for and using the FREE Child membership, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and will abide by the Centre’s rules, regulations and conditions of entry. In addition, you will not hold the YMCA of South Australia, its facilities, licensees agents or employees liable for any loss or injury whatsoever which may be sustained while at the Centre, subject to statutory rights.
  • YMCA South Australia maintains the right to change or end the FREE Child Membership benefit at any time, or cancel a FREE Child Membership for any reason, including breaches of the Terms & Conditions.
  • Current participating sites include The Parks Sports & Recreation Centre, Fleurieu Aquatic Centre, St Clair Recreation Centre, The Valleys Lifestyle Centre, Marion Leisure & Fitness Centre, Whyalla Leisure Centre and the John McVeity Centre.

Help your children develop the physical literacy they need to thrive!

Child physical inactivity is a problem in Australia, with only 1 in 5 kids meeting the national daily activity guideline. Combating this vitally important issue is complex, however, two consistent outcomes are universally agreed to:

  • Physical activity needs to be prioritised every day. It should not be viewed as something we feel like we should do, rather it should be viewed as something we all want and choose to do for fun, enjoyment and better health and wellbeing.
  • Physical literacy (physical, cognitive, emotional and social tools an individual needs to be physically active for life), needs to be developed from a young age.

FREE Child Membership is aimed at making it easier for families to become healthier, happier and more active.

Learn more about the importance of physical activity for children and review the latest Active Healthy Kids Australia report card.