Did you know? More than one thousand young people have participated in South Australian Youth Parliament!

I've done Youth Parliament... what now?

If you've been a Youth Parliamentarian, you would know the experience is a pretty powerful one (did we hear you say life-changing?). You might look at the world in a different way after Youth Parliament, you might consider people's ideas and opinions differently and we bet you've got more confidence too... now it's time to use it!

Here are a few ways that you can continue developing your leadership skills, broadening your network and creating real and positive change in your community.

Get active in your community

  • Contact your local council - most councils have youth programs, events and youth advisory groups that you can be part of.
  • Find a community organisation to help out with.
  • Join the Youth Affairs Council of South Australia

Keep the YP love coming (yeah, we're needy like that)

  • Stay in touch on social media (LinkedIn "YMCA South Australia Youth Parliament", Facebook "YMCA SA Youth Parliament")
  • Volunteer with Youth Parliament
  • Come and visit our Youth Parliamentarians during Parliament Week in July
  • Sponsor and recruit - you may be in touch with young people you know would benefit from the YP experience. Why not encourage them to get involved? You may be in a position to offer financial assistance to young people who wouldn't otherwise be able to participate. Or you may have connections with those that can support the program.
  • Work with us - Many of you are in a position to inspire and encourage young people and the Alumni aims to create opportunity for more connections to be made between past participants and new participants in Youth Parliament. We'd like to invite you to be part of YP in the future, as a guest speaker, as a mentor to our taskforce and participants or you may have something particular you can offer back to the program. We don't need a lot of your time or resources, maybe just a couple of evenings or a once-off guest visit. Coming to see us at Parliament House would be great too! Your presence would be most appreciated; showing support of this next generation of young people.