YMCA Adelaide North OSHC provides Vacation Care (school holiday care) for children aged 5 to 17 years with intellectual disabilities. We offer a wide range of supervised, fun-filled activities on site as well as excursions and incursions between 8am and 6pm during school holidays.

What to Expect at YMCA OSHC

As a community-based not-for-profit, the Y is recognised as a leading provider of OSHC services in South Australia, well known for:

Quality Educators

We seek high quality, experienced and passionate Educators which actively contribute to the quality of OSHC programming and an enjoyable experience for students. Lead by the OSHC Director, Educators provide an environment that will challenge, stimulate and support each child on an individual level.

Convenient Bookings

Bookings can be completed online, on the App or over the phone. In addition to utilising the latest technology to manage bookings, our friendly OSHC Support Team is available over the phone Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm.

Child Enjoyment

YMCA OSHC has the right mix of physical activity, intellectual stimulation and rest keeping kids wanting to come back. We also pride ourselves in delivering the best Vacation Care program in South Australia.

Fresh Healthy Food

We source our food from within the local community using markets and other local food co-ops if available within the area. Healthy and nutritious breakfasts, snack and afternoon tea are always available for students.

Service Enrolment

Before your child can be booked into, or attend, any Vacation Care sessions they must be enrolled into the ANSS OSHC service.

Service enrollment is only needed once; there is no need to repeat a service enrolment for subsequent terms/years.

To complete an enrolment contact the OSHC Support Team at 08 8200 2516 or send an email to oshc@ymcasa.org.au.

Vacation Care

Our Vacation Care programs encourage children to be involved in a variety of fun and exciting activities, including art, craft, cooking, sport, dance, and drama. Children also go on excursions to exciting destinations. All bookings will be open once the program is released, which is on Monday week six of every term.

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Book Vacation Care

The quickest and easiest way to book Vacation Care sessions is through the Xplor Home App. However to use the app, you must already be enroled in the service (see Enrolment Section on this page if not) and have an activated Xplor account (email the OSHC Support Team if you need the activation email resent).

Using the Xplor Home App

Xplor Home Bookings

CLICK HERE for the step-by-step Parent Guide to Xplor.

OSHC Support Team

If you are unable to book via the App, contact the OSHC Support Team by Email or call us on 08 8200 2516.

YMCA Tab Icons Fill Master Document Fees

YMCA South Australia in partnership with the School Council sets the daily fee on an annual basis.

We are NDIS approved. Families who cannot claim under the NDIS may be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy. Once a child is enrolled, families and carers can contact Family Assistance with the service’s provider number to determine their eligibility and discounted fee.

*Please note that prices from the 1st of July to be advised by the NDIS price guide*


Vacation Care, 1:3 ratio, no additional needs

$210.00 per day

Vacation Care, 1:3 ratio, additional needs to support daily activities

requiring periods of 1:1 ratio

$210 per day + $40 per hour

Vacation Care, 1:2 ratio, no additional needs

$330 per day

Vacation Care , 1:2 ratio, additional needs to support daily activities requiring periods of 1:1 ratio

$330 per day + $40 per hour

Vacation Care, 1:1 ratio

$540 per day

Vacation Care, 1:1 ratio, additional needs to support daily activities requiring periods of 2:1 ratio$540 per day+ $40 per
Excursion fee, additional fee for excursion days$120
Cancellation Policy

Cancellation received up to 2 weeks prior to the first day of the school holidays (start of the Vacation Care program) receive a full refund. Cancellations received within 2 weeks of the school holidays (start of the Vacation Care program) are charged full fee.

*No fees will be charged if a medical certificate is provided to oshc@ymcasa.org.au no later than 5 business days from the date of missed service.