YMCA Adelaide North OSHC provides Vacation Care (school holiday care) for children aged 5 to 17 years with intellectual disabilities.

We offer a wide range of supervised, fun filled activities on site as well as excursions and incursions between 8am and 6pm during school holidays.

Focusing on ability, our specially trained and qualified staff deliver a safe environment which fosters self-esteem and emotional well being. We balance an experience which is consistent to that received at school, while also introducing new activities and experiences. While in Vacation Care children:

  • Learn new skills and interests
  • Develop guiding values to help them make healthy life choices through interactions with other children and staff
  • Participate in a supportive, caring and encouraging environment
  • Contribute their ideas and opinions to the program in ways that are valued and respected
  • Build self confidence, a positive identity and social skills

Activities include:

  • Physical activities that develop fitness, coordination and sportsmanship
  • Healthy eating and cooking that teach valuable life skills
  • Creative art projects that develop an appreciation of different cultures
  • Music, dance and drama experiences that help children to express themselves
  • School Holiday Activities in Adelaide Central and various trips to regional areas.

Our service is covered under the National Quality Framework (NQF) and are assessed and rated against the National Quality Standard and Education and Care Services National Regulations.

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