Youth Empowerment Program Terms & Conditions

Payments and bookings

Payment must be received in full prior to attending the camp, program or activity.

Minimum numbers are required to run each camp, program or activity. In the event of the minimum required numbers not being reached in advance for the camp to go ahead, notification will be given to all parents/guardians at the earliest possible time.

Refunds and Cancellations

If a booking is cancelled more than 14 days prior to the activity starting, a full refund will be given minus a $40.00 administration fee.

If a booking is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the start of the program, the fee is not refundable and no refund will be issued.

If a booking is cancelled for medical reasons, and an official and valid medical certificate is provided, a full refund will be issued minus a $40.00 administration fee and any additional costs already incurred by YMCA (eg. accommodation costs already paid).

Refunds will not be given for partial attendance.

If the camp, program or activity is cancelled by YMCA then a full refund (or credit if requested) will be provided.

Lost property

YMCA does not accept responsibility for any items lost or stolen. YMCA recommends not bringing any valuables including money or electronic devices to a camp, program or activity.

Participant drop off and collection

All participants are required to be signed in and out of the program by a parent or guardian unless specified otherwise.

Departure times for camps are set and will not be held for participant’s late arrival. Any late participants may miss out on attendance.

Any participants not collected by the designated final pick up time for the activity will incur a late pick up charge.

Behaviour management

We understand that there are some young people that may present with disruptive and challenging behaviours. While we try to work with and endeavour to meet the challenges of these behaviours, it’s important to note that not all behaviour can be managed without adversely affecting the experience or safety of other campers and/or staff.

At the beginning of each camp, all campers participate in a discussion about expectations and responsibilities. This process allows our campers to have input into the kind of behaviour they would like to see from their fellow campers as well as commit to behaving in a certain way themselves. Every camper has the right to a safe and inclusive experience and should feel secure, valued, and enjoy a bully-free camp.

Behaviour management strategies

We use a variety of strategies to address inappropriate behaviours including cool down time, time in, diversion, and removing campers from a difficult situation. We use a restorative justice approach where consequences for inappropriate behaviour encourage children to be a respectful and involved group member. Campers are never punished physically and conversations are conducted away from the group to allow the camper to express their concerns and feelings without embarrassment.

At times, we will call parents/carers for assistance to address a difficult, re-occurring behaviour. Generally a phone call home has the desired impact. In extenuating services, YMCA reserves the right to contact SA Police for assistance in maintaining a safe and secure environment for all of our campers and staff.

Behaviours Resulting in Expulsion from the Program

It is the responsibility of YMCA to determine whether a young person’s behaviour is adversely affecting the experience or safety of other campers or staff. The staff member in charge has the absolute discretion to remove a camper from the program. Reasons for expulsion from a program may include, but are not limited to:

  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Hitting / or other aggressive and violent or physical behaviour towards other campers, staff or members of the public
  • Sexually inappropriate behaviour
  • Absconding behaviour
  • Intentional damage to property or equipment
  • Possession of prohibited (or illegal) items (eg mobile phone)
  • Theft
  • Abusive or threatening language

In the event that a camper must be sent home, the parents/carers will be notified as soon as practical. In the event that the YMCA feels the camper or other campers’ safety is at risk they may require that the camper be picked up immediately, within a reasonable amount of time, allowing for travel. It is expected that all travel arrangements (and any expense incurred) are the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do YMCA staff have police checks?

We take Safeguarding Children and Young people very seriously and we are an experienced provider of camps, activity days and leadership opportunities for children and young people. Our camps are run by qualified and experienced staff.

We require all staff and volunteers to have National Criminal History Record Checks and Working With Children Checks and ongoing training to ensure a positive and safe environment for all involved. There will be first aid qualified staff on site at all times.

YMCA South Australia is accredited with the Australian Childhood Foundation as a child safe organisation.

Both camps are open to 13 year olds - which one should 13 year olds attend?

It's up to you. As a general rule, the 8-13yo camp is aimed at primary school students and the 13-16yo camp is aimed at secondary students.

What happens to lost property?

Any lost property will be kept for 2 weeks after a camp or program finishes. If you have lost something, please contact YMCA.

How do I pay for the camp, program or activity?

Once you have registered for the program or activity, you will receive an email with bank details. You can pay via direct deposit or over the phone with your credit card.

Can I be invoiced?

If a Government Department or Local Council is paying for the camp, we can send an invoice. Please note this will attract a processing fee. please get in touch with YMCA Youth Empowerment staff to organise this

Can I use my NDIS plan to pay for the camp, program or activity?

You might be able to use your NDIS plan for some YMCA activities (or parts there of). Please get in touch with YMCA Youth Empowerment staff to discuss this.

What are the YMCA: Participant ratios for an activity?

It depends on the activity, the location and the age of the participants. Generally this will range from 1:7 to 1:15. Everyone's safety is our main priority.