COVID-19: Recreation and Community Centre Closures. Details and FAQ's.

COVID-19 Update

Update: 25/03/2020

As mandated by the Federal Government, all gyms, recreation centres and community centres have been mandated to temporarily close. All services and programs delivered through these centres are temporarily suspended until further notice. The following YMCA South Australia managed centres will be closed:

  • Glengowrie Recreation Centre
  • John McVeity Centre
  • Port Lincoln Leisure Centre
  • Marion Leisure & Fitness Centre
  • St Clair Recreation Centre
  • The Fleurieu Aquatic Cenres
  • The Parks Recreation & Sports Centre
  • The Valleys Lifestyle Centre
  • Whyalla Recreation Centre
  • Strathalbyn & Riverton Outdoor Pools
  • Holdfast Bay Community Centre

Please note:

  • There are no confirmed cases of the virus among any of our centre staff or members
  • All memberships, including for swimming lessons, will automatically be placed on suspension during the period of closure and you will not be charged

For the most up-to-date information, including best-practice hygiene and avoiding spreading the virus please refer to the following websites:

For more detailed information on closures and specific program suspension information, please visit the specific centres' website. If you have a question, centres are unable to receive calls during the closure, so please send the centre an email to their generic site email address.

What is the YMCA doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • We are meticulously and frequently cleaning the centre, and encouraging patrons to take extra care with best practice hygiene and prevention measures.
  • We are abiding by the 100 person cap in any one particular place
  • Any staff or members who have returned home after travelling overseas are not permitted into the centre for a period of 14 days aligned to government imposed self isolation.
  • Increased signage, emails and other communications will promote best practice prevention and safety (hand washing, covering cough/sneezes, staying home if sick, self isolation requirements, social distancing, etc).
  • Customers showing flu-like indications (cough, fever and/or respiratory symptoms) will be asked not to use the facilities until these symptoms have cleared for a number of days.
  • As an added precaution for our staff and patrons we encourage you to use EFTPOS/Paywave at our centre where possible.
  • The YMCA has plans in place to take necessary steps both in prevention, preparedness, and response in the event of an outbreak.

Public health is a shared responsibility. It is important to remember that YMCA recreation centres are public places that welcome hundreds of people each day. Only you can determine your personal risk tolerance when deciding if you and/or your family should visit.

UPDATED 02.04.2020

OSHC Services will continue in line with School policy. Our Vacation Care programs have been revised, replacing excursions with in-house activities.

Earlier today the PM announced that parents who are working through the current COVID-19 crisis will receive free childcare. The YMCA is committed to ensuring that all eligible parents will be able to take advantage of this, however, information and conditions on how this benefit can be accessed are yet to be detailed by the government. Parents will be contacted as soon as we have more information and clarity on how to apply this benefit.

Gyms / Recreation Centres / Indoor Pools
All YMCA South Australia managed gyms and recreation centres have been mandated to shut.

YMCA Camps
Our April School Holiday Camps and Activity Days have been cancelled. This applies to the Carers Camp at Largs North, our Autumn Camp at Halbury and our Y-Play Day at Marion Leisure & Fitness Centre.

Aligned to the Federal Government mandate, The Glengowrie Recreation Centre has been temporarily closed.

Community Centres
Holdfast Bay Community Centre has been mandated to shut.

What do I do if I think someone is ill and should be at home rather than at a YMCA?

Please notify YMCA staff member. At this time we will be asking individuals who are sick to leave the facility to prevent potential further spreading of the illness to their fellow community members. Remember if someone is ill, it doesn't mean they have COVID-19, best practice is to stay home if you are feeling unwell.

If my family or I have recently travelled or if I have visitors at my house from outside Australia, can we still come to the YMCA?

Aligned to recent government self-isolation policy, any staff, members, or facility users who have been outside of Australia need to self isolate and are not permitted into the centre for a period of 14 days.

How and when will you decide to close YMCA's?

In regards to any facility closure for the YMCA, any decision would be made in consultation with and/or under the direction of governing health authorities, or our government contract partners. YMCA OSHC's will remain open aligned to the school unless mandated to shut.

Will the YMCA notify me if a member or staff person has a confirmed case of Covid-19?

The YMCA will follow the instruction of SA Health in relation to reporting and managing any confirmed cases of Covid-19. We anticipate upon notification the centre will be closed for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure appropriate cleaning and a safe environment.