Youth Parliament Training Weekend 2024!

YMCA Youth Parliament 2024 is well underway!

Last month, our participants attended their Training Weekend. Participants were thrilled to meet fellow participants and mentors in person for the first time! A series of engaging workshops, courtesy of the Training and Parliament Portfolio informed our participants on all things government, democracy and parliamentary process! Time for bill development was given, allowing committees to begin crafting their bills to be presented at residential week.

Most exciting of all was the election of party leaders, which gave valuable insight into the value of democracy and voting in Australian Politics.

All was not work and legislation, for our mighty Recreation and Wellbeing portfolio provided chilling icebreakers and several recreation activities. Logistics and Operations kept us fed throughout the day providing hearty lunches and morning and afternoon teas! And Media and Communication kept the cameras rolling.

Participants are now ready and raring to take on the rest of the program all the way to July’s residential week. Friendships have been made; knowledge has been imparted. We look forward to seeing the great work we know the participants will put into developing their bills in the coming months.

Youth Parliament 2024 is underway
Youth Parliament 2024 is underway!