Calling all young people’s voices to be heard around SA - Youth Parliament 2024

Having passion for a cause and shifting that desire into tangible change can be a challenging process, especially when a voice is young, and experience can be overlooked. Youth and Junior Parliament is an exception to the rule, where young opinions are encouraged, and concerns validated.

With over 250 participants, and dozens of bills tabled and seen by the state’s political leaders in 2023, our popular civics program is back in 2024 and ready to put a spotlight on the issues, opinions and beliefs of young people.

This year’s Youth Parliament Taskforce to oversee the program has already started the process of piecing together the political platform. Meeting on 9 January for the annual Strategy Day, the Taskforce not only became acquainted with the people they will be working closely with throughout the year, but they began planning activities and crafting the goals and priorities of the program in its new iteration. The Taskforce is compiled of exemplary zealous individuals, all Youth Parliament alumni, who dedicate over 250 hours of their time to volunteer for the program. Over eight months, they develop and deliver all aspects of the program, including its logistics and operations, media, communications and marketing, parliamentary education, and recreational activities.

Applications for young people to take part in Youth Parliament are currently open and will close on 17 March. Youth across South Australia, regardless of skill, background, residence, or prior involvement, are encouraged to apply and experience the unique offerings of the Youth Parliament Program. If you know a young person with a heart for social justice and a willingness to work with others to see that formulate in a very real way, please encourage them to apply.

Further information and the link to apply can be found on the YMCA South Australia website, and for any questions, please reach out to or call 0422 343 916.