Young CEO stint a win for Hannah

YMCA South Australia Young CEO, Hannah Salter, said her experience under the mentorship of Haydn Robins, was a huge step towards achieving her career goals.

The 21 year-old Health and Fitness Team Leader at The Valleys Lifestyle Centre provided insightful and overwhelmingly positive feedback after spending a day in the chair as part of the annual YMCA youth initiative.

Hannah responded to a list of questions after the experience:

What were your main learnings?

“The main take-aways were the ‘behind the scenes’ decision making of our association and what roles are involved to make centres run and function smoothly. Learning about the different roles and seeing who communicates with who and how.”

What surprised you about the experience?

“I was not so much surprised, but grateful for all the work YMCA does for youth. Since taking part in the young CEO experience I have learned about the different programs and facilities we have made available for so many different age groups with different lifestyles, hobbies and interests.”

How was Haydn as a mentor and listener?

“As a mentor, Haydn showed and taught me about all the aspects of the association that I was keen to learn more about. He was great at explaining systems in a way that I understood and shared his knowledge.”

Did you feel that your input was valued?

“Over the day I felt that my opinions were heard and, since my CEO day, I have had support from members of the YMCA to take steps into learning more and developing my career.”

Overall, how would you rate the CEO for the Day initiative?

“I would rate my CEO experience highly and would encourage anybody to take up the opportunity. I was able to learn more about the association, meet and create great relations with other supportive YMCA members and start top take steps towards my careers goals.”