'Youth are not the leaders of tomorrow, we are the leaders of today!'

As part of the World YMCA Strategy, the Y has recruited and trained more than 150 Change Agents from across the globe who are chosen to bridge the gap between what their local community needs and what we are currently doing to meet those needs.

What's the goal?

We want the YMCA to become the first place young people go to when they want to get help, to get motivated, to contribute, to become empowered, and above all feel welcomed and safe. This year alone there has been 160 change agents chosen from 62 countries all over the world be involved in a two year program, to make this goal achievable.

Who is a change agent?

In the words of Emma (2015-16 Change Agent), "We are the front runners for youth empowerment, we are youth, and we have been chosen by our leaders to become leaders as well. By being the leaders to help bridge the gap, our goal is to make YMCA the number one place for youth services".

One Million Voices

The YMCA set out to hear from the world's Young People. To hear their views and to better understand their needs, with the view to helping give the young people of the world a voice. To achieve this, the World YMCA reached out to young people aged 15-24 through local YMCAs, across the globe in over 60 countries and created the One Million Voices report.

One Million Voices

Contact Us

For more information please contact the YMCA South Australia Youth Empowerment team on (08) 8200 2514.

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