Enroling and booking your child into OSHC can be completed online through the My Family Lounge platform.

My Family Lounge is a third party platform which enables parents to enrol their children and manage their OSHC account. My Family Lounge can accept ongoing, casual (one-off), and vacation care bookings. While adding convenience, it is important to note:

  • My Family Lounge is not mobile friendly, sorry, you need to use a desktop.
  • To use My Family Lounge you first register your account, then complete an enrolment (this is the long part where we collect all the details), then make the booking.
  • My Family Lounge does not accept/store ongoing payment details. After creating your account and enroling your children, you need to also complete and submit a Direct Debit form. This form can be found at the bottom of this page and is an editable pdf which can be filled out on a desktop and sent back via email.
  • My Family Lounge has an app available to create casual bookings and to mark an upcoming absence for permanent bookings (you can't make a permanent booking through the app). Before using the app, you must register/create your My Family Lounge account (on a desktop). App User Guide

Existing families already with a My Family Lounge log in

If you have previously used My Family Lounge simply click the button below to login. If you are having trouble logging in, try using the forgot password link on the login screen. If the email address is not registered with My Family Lounge you won't be able to recover your password, and you'll know you need to register a new account following the steps below for a 'New Family'.

New families register with My Family Lounge

Step 1 - Register

For NEW families to our service who have NOT used My Family Lounge before, click the registration link below (not mobile friendly):

Register for My Family Lounge

Step 2 - Log in and create enrolment

Once registration is complete, log in to My Family Lounge with your registered email to create your 'enrolment'. An enrolment collects all bookings required for the booking such as contact information, children details, and acceptance of T&C's. Don't forget to select your 'service' location at the top of the page. Once the enrolment is 100% complete you can make a bookings (ongoing or casual) and/or use the My Family Lounge App for future casual bookings and to mark absences for permanent bookings. To download the App visit Google Play or the App Store.

Sign In to My Family Lounge

Step 3 - Book

Within My Family Lounge, once you have completed the enrolment process for your children, you can request a permanent booking or make a casual booking. If we have a spot for your requested permanent booking we will email you an acceptance offer.

If you are just booking a casual (once-off) day in OSHC, or want to mark an absent day for a permanent booking, you can use the App on your mobile device. To download the App visit Google Play or the App Store.

Having trouble?

If you are unable to complete your enrolment through My Family Lounge, or are having difficulties and have questions, please contact bookings.oshc@ymca.org.au or call during business hours 08 8200 2516.

Any required pdf forms such as the Direct Debit and enrolment form (if you are unable to enrol via My Family Lounge) can be found at the bottom of the left column of every OSHC page on a desktop, or at the top of every page in a dropdown labelled 'Forms' on mobile. If you are on a desktop, all pdf forms can be completed/submitted on your computer. If on a mobile, you are unable to complete the form digitally and will need to print it out.

Questions about OSHC in general? See the FAQ

OSHC Fees 2019

Before School Care


After School Care


Casual Booking Fee+ $3.00

Early School Closure Day


Vacation Care (In House)


Vacation Care (Incursion / Excursion)


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