YMCA South Australia in partnership with the School Council sets the daily fee on an annual basis. Once a child is enrolled, families and carers can contact Family Assistance with the service’s provider number to determine their eligibility for the Child Care Subsidy. This is used to determine a families discounted fee, usually between 50-85%. As a guide 95% of OSHC families receive 50% or more subsidy off the standard rate.


FeeAfter subsidy*

Before School Care


$4.20 - $11.20

After School Care


$5.30 - $14.30

Vacation Care
(In House)


$12.30 - $33.20

Vacation Care
(Incursion / Excursion)


$14.20 - $38.50

Pupil Free Day


$12.30 - $33.20

Casual Booking Fee$3.00
Hat Fee (once off)$12.00

*Typical fee after subsidy is applied

Direct Debit

All fees are paid via direct debit. A direct debit authorisation must be completed prior to using the service. Direct debit is paid via a bank account or credit card. Paying by credit card incurs a .79% surcharge.

Casual Surcharge

A $3 casual surcharge is applied for before/after school care bookings made within 48 hours of care being provided. The $3 casual surcharge is applied to Vacation Care bookings made within 2 weeks of the school holidays (start of the Vacation Care program).

Cancellation Policy

Before/After School Care: Cancellations received up to 48 hours prior to care receive a full refund. Cancellation received with less than 48 hours are charged full fee.

Vacation Care: Cancellation received up to 2 weeks prior to the first day of the school holidays (start of the Vacation Care program) receive a full refund. Cancellations received within 2 weeks of the school holidays (start of the Vacation Care program) are charged full fee.

*No fees will be charged if a medical certificate is provided no later than 5 business days from the date of missed service.

Explaining Your Statement

Statements are sent out every Friday. Each statement shows three weeks of bookings. The first week is the week we are currently in; the second week shows next week’s bookings reflected in your last direct debit; and the third week is the amount being charged in this invoice, debited the following Monday.

Additional charges for casual bookings made during Weeks 1 and 2 may be reflected in this invoice.

See below for a full breakdown of a statement.