YMCA Disability Services is the leading provider of inclusive recreation opportunities for people living with a disability.

Our LEAP services help you to try new things, engage with your community and live an active, healthy life. Most of all LEAP is about meaningful fun.

YMCA LEAP services are NDIS friendly and can be included on your plan. We will work with you to establish and achieve your goals in the area of recreation and community participation.

As a community-based charity, we are supported by government funding, contributions by people who use our services and the generosity of donors and supporters.

We are passionate about making your dreams possible.

Ready to take a LEAP?

Contact our Disability Services team today at 8200 2570 or at leap@ymca.org.au.

We Believe

  • Fun – a basic right that if met improves quality of life, health and general longevity
  • For Every Body – wherever the YMCA operates these programs can be accessed
  • Community – we are always part of the community, never shut off or isolated
  • Affordable – your ability to contribute will not block access
  • Flexible – We embrace individuality and we will help to build a program that works for you

The LEAP Approach

We start by learning about you and what you find fun. Fun means different things to different people so it is important to take some time getting to know what fun means to you.

Fun is . . .

  • Learning a new skill
  • Challenging yourself
  • Trying something different
  • Doing things with others your age
  • Having something in common
  • Relaxing

Or whatever makes you smile, right the way to your eyes!

All YMCA Programs are LEAPable

Our team of passionate staff believe in making fun possible, conquering barriers to participation and in adapting environments not people.