Suspension Terms

Student are entitled to up to 4 weeks of suspension per calendar year at no cost if the following conditions are met:

 - Suspension request is submitted via online form and more than 2 weeks in advance

 - The student has not taken more than 4 weeks suspension in the current calendar year

 - The family account (including other child enrolments) has no outstanding balance

Suspensions are not intended for missed classes due to illness. You can mark your child absent from a class in the Customer Portal (My Bookings tab), or by sending us a quick email. As noted above, ad-hoc absences with less than 2 weeks notice still incur charges.

Medical Suspension

Medical suspensions are available for students who are unable to attend 2 or more consecutive lessons. Medical suspensions must be arranged prior to the missed lesson in writing (by email) and be accompanied by a supporting medical certificate. We will hold your spot for up to 6 weeks. Suspensions over 6 weeks will be removed from their class and re-enrolled upon return.