Action Gym

Drawing on influences from acrobatics, parkour and dance, Action Gym introduces participants to traditional gymnastics equipment in new ways. Games, obstacles and challenges build upon fundamental movement skills, combing elements of effort, space and time when performing movement sequences and challenges with and without equipment. This class is perfect for the budding gymnast or ninja warrior.

Friday4:00pm - 5:00pm

Ratios: 1:10
Prerequisite: Not required, but a progression step from Mini Gym
Duration: 60 minutes

Please contact us at 08 8295 1774 or for enquiries.

Team Gym Fun

TeamGym combines 3 different elements of gymnastics - tumbling, mini tramp and acrobatics floor routines, to create an exciting team competition event. Join the team and you can learn to flip, roll, jump and dance with your team mates.

Team Gym Fun is a one hour sessions that is just for fun. No specific skills or experience required. We will run Team Gym Fun as per our usual recreational sessions but with a Team Gym focus.

This would be a start point for all new gymnasts to the club who want to start Team Gym or for current members who require additional work on their fundamental skills.

Select skills will be assessed throughout this program and participants may be invited to join the competitive team.

Saturday11:00am - 12:00pm

Ages: Beginner, 5+
Ratios: 1:12
Prerequisite: Not required
Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: $17.50 ** inclusive of Gym SA Registration Fee **

Please contact us at 08 8295 1774 or for enquiries.

Team Gym Competitive

Team Gym Competitive a 90 minute session by invitation only. Gymnasts are selected from our existing team, from our GFA sessions or from the Team Gym for Fun sessions if they show the skills and behaviour necessary.

Participants will be placed in either a novice or intermediate team based on skill level.

Duration: 90 minutes (1.5 hours)

Cost: $19.50 **inclusive of Gym SA Registration Fee **

Leap & Play

Does your child enjoy bouncing, tumbling, climbing and other fun play in the safety of a gymnastics environment? Would you like an activity that all the family can join?

Leap and Play is an inclusive free-play program for children with disabilities, based on gymnastics and functional motor skill development through self-directed fun!

Parent / Carer involvement required. Supervised by our qualified coaches

Wednesday3:00pm - 3:45pm during term times

Cost: $17.50

Please contact us at 08 8295 1774 or for enquiries and bookings.

Gym Ability

Gym Ability is a program that is inclusive for all, regardless of level of ability. Participants may or may not have a disability that impacts on participation and our focus is on individual needs and on what participants can do, rather than on what they can't. The Gym Ability program provides participants with experiences that will enhance all abilities and, in particular, target the development of physical abilities.

Saturday2:00pm - 3:00pm

Ratios: Vary
Prerequisite: Not required
Duration: 45 minutes

Please contact us at 08 8295 1774 or for enquiries.