Action Gym

Drawing on influences from acrobatics, parkour and dance, Action Gym introduces participants to traditional gymnastics equipment in new ways. Games, obstacles and challenges build upon fundamental movement skills, combing elements of effort, space and time when performing movement sequences and challenges with and without equipment. This class is perfect for the budding gymnast or ninja warrior.

Ages: Beginner Level, average age 6.8 | Advanced Level (90 minute class), average age of 9.5

Fridays5.00pm - 6.00pm (Beginner)
6.00pm - 7.30pm (Advanced)
Saturdays11.00am - 12.00am (Beginner)

Ratios: 1:10
Prerequisite: Not required, but a progression step from Kindergym
Duration: 60 and 90 minute sessions
Cost: Direct debit, $14 for 60 min, $16 for 90 min

Please contact us at 08 8295 1774 or to inquire on Team Gym enrolment.